Did Alex replied on that persons comments?


If you look at the comments sotalkatiff13 made, looks like she’s having some kind of convo and looks like some of the comments are deleted. Or is it just me?


10 thoughts on “Did Alex replied on that persons comments?

  1. Looks like she is talking to herself. OK – is this instagram a real account? I love don’t get me wrong but – posing old paparazzi pics and calling yourself The Real Alex – is just very un Alex. My twitter got hacked – is there a chance his account got hacked? Sorry to by cynical because I love that he (maybe) finally got less private but….just wondering what everyone else thinks.

    • To be honest yes i did feel a bit weird of Alex posting paparazzi photos. But maybe he doesn’t feel comfortable posting personal photos yet? I think this is really him though.

  2. Also you guys, Conner introduces Alex, not just follows.

    3 days ago
    Please welcome @a1pettyfer to Instagram…

    You can see Alex’s pic on Conner’s instagram. So cool.

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