The mortal instruments

WOW!! I feel really bad about the tmi series it’s getting really horrible reviews and critics are saying its like the next beautiful creatures movie I hope at lest it gets the number two spot 


4 thoughts on “The mortal instruments

  1. I feel bad too. I mean i havent watched it, but I did like the book, so it should not be thaaat bad. The critics kept saying it is a combination of twilight, hp, and da vinci code. It is the actually the beautiful creatures that i couldn’t read.

  2. The opening day numbers for TMI were very poor and it is shaping up to be a huge flop. Many people are predicting that The Butler will repeat at #1 this week with TMI rolling in at #5. So much for all those fan girls who chastised Alex for daring not to play Jace. Looks like he made the right choice.

  3. TMI fans are so hoping those numbers will improve by the weekend but I doubt it. 3 million opening is not good at all and there is a lot of competition this weekend. I also predict the Butler will be #1. The movie is excellent and the buzz is huge.

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