OT – Has anyone seen TMI?

Is it that bad? Or was it bad marketing, timing? I never relish or gloat over the failure of anything. People work and try hard. But this movie just got slaughtered on every level. Sony even lied about the movie being #1 in Australia. I came in at #4.  Man – Beastly made more money. I guess Alex dodged a bit bullet on this one. Cassie Clare is also getting thrown under the bus. She seems to do a lot of back peddling.


One thought on “OT – Has anyone seen TMI?

  1. I have. It’s nothing like the book really, specially the ending. It’s nothing like the book. And you won’t understand it if you haven’t read it either. My friend liked the movie but didn’t quite understand it..

    But I did like the movie actually. I loved the special effects, those are great really!
    Jonathan Rhys Meyers was just great. He’s one of my fav actors and he portrait his character very well.

    Robert Sheehan is adorable, He’s really Simon. Sometimes you did hear his Irish accent but that didn’t really bother me.

    Lily Collins, is a good Clary. It’s like how I imagined her. But I don’t rally liked Clary while reading the books so she irritated me a bit while watching the movie. Lol

    Jamie Bower nah he isn’t my Jace, his acting is good but the guy’s so skinny and it irritated me he had a British accent. At some point Jamie did convince me and I think he did a good job in playing Jace.

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