Alex and Paparazzi Roger lol

I find this funny. It is Alex with the paparazzi lol….the guy looked a bit intimidated and shy 😛
So cute.

He posted so many pics today…love it.


9 thoughts on “Alex and Paparazzi Roger lol

  1. Dangit…I was also about to post this your too fast for me Bianca thanks for posting but did you notice how he said he wasn’t going to bootstrap bellows because he doesn’t drink it sounded like to me he was putting Jared in his place

  2. I think it’s great that Alex is on Instagram (and very smart) because it allows him some control over the rumours that keep popping up. It allows him to connect with his fans too. I’ve never seen a celeb take a pic with a pap —a friendly pic. That’s a statement all on its own.

    • I agree. I love this photo. Based on the guy’s look he was probably wondering why a celeb would want a photo with him. I mean you dont see that very often.

      • I love that about Alex. He’s just like “Hey man can we take a picture” And he’s al smiley. Gosh he’s awesome!

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