Awww Salem!Salem/zoom/c21kz/image1dn0
Alex dog is on the website of his friend John. 🙂

“I’ve noticed a big change in Salem since he’s been walking with John. I can see from the pictures and videos that he’s clearly having fun on his hikes and now he’s a much calmer dog.”
– Alex Pettyfer

And some other pics of Salem!Salem-Mandeville-Canyon/zoom/c1zzp/i7lak!Salem-Sixty-Mandeville-Canyon/zoom/c1zzp/i0cvc!Salem-Kenter-Canyon/zoom/c1zzp/imageffr!Salem-Westridge-Canyon/zoom/c1zzp/image1nuc

Rush Opening in only 5 locations

I still think this movie was stolen from Alex. It was his idea and he bought the rights to the book. It was only #2 in the UK and not they are releasing in in 5 locations – even with the good reviews. I guess Alex dodged another another one.