Slow News Day so the Enquirer Makes up a Story


14 thoughts on “Slow News Day so the Enquirer Makes up a Story

  1. Such bullshit!! *Excuse my french* these people must be really running out of resourceful things to write about to come up with such lies!!!

  2. Things we know. 1) Alex doesn’t drink. 2) Lisa Marie does not disapprove of Alex. 3) Whether or not Alex and Riley have ever been officially engaged, they have never stopped being a couple. 4) The National Enquirer is so full of shit that the logical approach to anything they write is to assume that the truth is probably the exact opposite.

  3. I can’t read these lies.. This is terrible! I agree with Karen, they should be sued. I understand a lot but it’s not the first time! This is slander and bad stuff, next bullshit. I thought about it. Girls, maybe we can do something about it, huh?

  4. In a way this made me laugh: “hard-partying British actor Alex Pettyfer”
    He was clearly enjoying Halloween a lot that doesn’t mean he’s hard-partying. xD
    Anyway, it’s loads of crap indeed.

  5. This one really borders on slander/libel. It implies Alex takes drugs and drinks and has been in trouble with the law. If I were Connor and Alex I would go after them.

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