endless love clips

clips we get clips omg i am so excited for this movie




endless love

and let the endless love promo tour begin 

Feb. 4 there’s a free screening + meet & greet for Alex Pettyfer’s new movie Endless Love, DM @AdoringLaur for tix


if anyone here is a fan of alex pettyfer i’m gonna be interviewing him for the cavdaily so if you have any dying questions let me know LOL


  • Hi!!! Alex Pettyfer will be available NEXT MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3 for a virtual college roundtable on behalf of ENDLESS LOVE.

    If anyone is interested in interviewing him please message me!

alex and james in la


i think they couldve gone for a better title but okay and you get to see a glimpse of im gonna guess one of his new tattoos and i dont really care for the beard much but he is looking really good and in one of the photos it looks like hes getting mad while talking to someone and wow james is really handsome they have some good genes in that family