LOL! Canadian Tuxedos!


8 thoughts on “LOL! Canadian Tuxedos!

  1. Why do I find this funny – a message on his instagram

    im not trying to offend anyone and especially not you Alex Pettyfer, but I’ve been wandering for a while now, why have you put on so much weight? I bet people love you now but personally, I prefered you before. It would be amazing if you could reply or make more videos of yourself! And as I said before, I dont mean to offend you or anyone else in any sort of way. I could not imagine such harshness.

    Put on weight? Wow – I thought it was hard to be a woman! LOL

    • I cannot wait for the clips and behind the scenes of this movie the more and more I see the more I get excited and fall in love and that photoshoot with the interview amazing especially when they mentioned salem

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