alex and james in la

i think they couldve gone for a better title but okay and you get to see a glimpse of im gonna guess one of his new tattoos and i dont really care for the beard much but he is looking really good and in one of the photos it looks like hes getting mad while talking to someone and wow james is really handsome they have some good genes in that family


6 thoughts on “alex and james in la

  1. WOW thanks kim. They are both stunning. Only Alex can try to be not so good looking with that awful beard but…..he always looks stunning. He also looks very happy which I love.

  2. lol what a title. Yeah James is also looking good. Not a fan of that beard, but he looks good haha. Oh his new tattoo looks like that painting with the two cherubs.

  3. Honestly,i think he looks like someone’s father with that beard,he could do without it and why is james looking better than alex?! who’s the star here,james or alex lol *just saying*(^^,)

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