Alex’s Twitter…again.

I know I’m beating a dead horse, but are you guys like 100% sure @RealA1Pettyfer isn’t Alex’s real account? I mean, Jimmy Kimmel just tweeted about him and all these media folks are too because of Endless Love. Why would they tweet that account if it hasn’t been confirmed to belong to Alex? If it’s fake, you would think Alex’s publicist or manager or even Alex himself would’ve had it shut down a long time ago. I know it’s missing the verified icon, and I might be gullible, but it’s just really convincing.


10 thoughts on “Alex’s Twitter…again.

  1. It’s not verified. Most celebs who creat a twitter are verified from the beginning. If they are not, they are not famous enough or it’s a fake.

  2. I feel like if he would have a twitter, he would let his instagram followers know. Or have one of his close friends say it is him like what Connor did when he started an instagram account.

  3. It is fake. Alex’s management shut down that other fake. I am sure he will do the same with this one. You can buy followers – believe it or not.

    • We’ll see. I just think if it was fake, it would’ve been shut down by now. His management knows he’s been doing all this promo stuff for Endless Love and the places and people he’s seen are tweeting to that account. It’s one thing to have fans believing it, but all these media people too?

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