Box Office

So,  Endless Love will probably open at 5th place at the box office  (although there is still a chance that it will bypass Robocop)  and although that doesn’t sound great, apparently it has exceeded Universal’s expectations and will probably make more than its budget in the first four days.  That doesn’t mean that it is profitable, yet, but it probably will be, especially since it got an A- Cinemascore, and word of mouth seems to be good.  The newsworthy flop of the weekend is Winter’s Tale.


19 thoughts on “Box Office

  1. My theater was packed and all the evenings shows were sold out. So much for box office predictions. I am glad EL is doing well. I loved it.

  2. Yeppeeeeeeeeere…im so glad it’s doing well but im sort of not surprised,the way the media and people have been going on about it!! #teamendlesslove #teamalexpettyfer 🙂

  3. The movie is doing great! #3 on Friday over Robocop. But….I don’t go by box office or reviews. I loved EL. Alex and the cast were fantastic. I saw it again today and liked even better. It was uplifting but very moving. I loved Anne and I really like Hugh. The brother is great. It is a great movie and Alex is just gorgeous. Gabriella manages to play a shy quiet girl so well considering she is so gorgeous. She does not use her looks to act. I really liked the Jade character.

  4. Still a great movie and with a crowed box office and low budget it did well. I hate box office results because the masses should not dictate the arts. People that only follow critics and box office numbers are limited. I make up my own mind and spend my money the way I want to.

    I also think this whole Box office thing is manipulated and skewed. There are too many outlets to gauge the numbers accurately.and I would love to know how the actual numbers are figured.

    Funny the actors attached to the biggest box office movies don’t necessarily make A list movies. The cast of Twilight is the best example.

  5. No matter what you personally think about box office, it does directly effect Alex’s career. If his movies do well he is more likely to be hired for more films. If his movies don’t do well his career as an actor is in jeopardy. I would have liked to have seen Endless Love do the $20 million that was predicted on Friday, rather than the $15 million it is now predicted to make because I want Alex to have the chance to work on the best, high-profile films he can, and for him to have the power to make the films that he wants to make.

    • I agree with you, Chris. Also I´m starting to get really worried because Alex hasn´t picked an new project yet… (maybe that´s just my – unfortunately – usal negative thinking.

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