Alex on Chelsea Lately

This was hands down one the funniest interviews I’ve seen. I just love Alex’s laugh. 🙂


27 thoughts on “Alex on Chelsea Lately

  1. They were both so funny. I wish all interview were like this! I love it. The Jimmy Kimmel interview was also hilarious. I wonder what Alex’s illness was or is. I read he had kidney problems. He seems fine now. I mean better than fine – LOL.

  2. I´m not able to watch this : – ( even when using the E-online link. I´m always redirected to the German E!-site that doesn´t have the interview. I´m starting to get desperate…who can help?

    • Haha yeah. I thought it was funny! But i guess not for his friends lol. Sometimes i do post embarrassing photos of my friends too…..but i stopped cos i dont want embarrassing photos of myself either. 😛

    • it was just some random pictures of his friends,in one of the captions he even wrote that today he would be posting pictures of his friends.

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