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Alex Pettyfer: Girls battle for love

Alex Pettyfer has revealed why he thinks many guys mess up relationships. The 23-year-old actor stars as the romantic lead in Endless Love, about a privileged girl who begins an unlikely relationship with a charismatic boy.

He’s currently single, but Alex believes he knows where many men slip up in matters of the heart.

“When it comes to breakups, women are more calculating than men,” he mused to

“In a relationship, a woman fights for love. When she realises she can’t win that fight, she gives up and wants out. Men often only realise in that moment that they need to fight. And by then it’s often too late.”

The star does believe that the two sexes are starting to become more equal.

He also thinks social networking sites have had a negative impact on romantic connections.

Despite being hailed one of Hollywood’s hottest young leading men, Alex insists he’s not a hit when it comes to dating.

“I wish it was that easy!” he laughed. “But unfortunately, it’s not. I have real problems when it comes to talking to women. Often I just act like a complete idiot. It’s almost embarrassing. Maybe that’s why I’m still single.”

He might not be having much luck on the lady front right now, but the actor believes in true love and doesn’t feel too young to settle down, should he meet The One.

Alex also insisted that chivalry is alive and well.

“Most of the guys I know are real gentlemen,” he said. “My father taught me to stand up when a lady approaches the table. And I think it’s right for a man to open the door for a woman. In general, you should treat your peers in the same way you want to be treated.”


Tired Tired Tired

Of those Star Wars rumours, those stupid YA Four Vs. Four – Alex v. the other guy. Getting sick of following the awful movie business. I wish Alex would just race cars.

So Alex was in Ikea……

Look at him holding the baby…. So adorable. They practically look like a family. I cant wait till he has a kid of his own. And what a shirt lol XD.

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