alex’s disney family

Disney family !!!!!

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also i think alex may have a new girlfriend and i think darlene got her wish i dont think shes famous



17 thoughts on “alex’s disney family

  1. I had such a great weekend. I jumped so high at the horse show. I still can’t believe it. I love my horse so much. OK – I hope this girl is Alex’s gf and I pray she is just a normal girl that will enjoy being with Alex – like normal people. No drama. I am glad Alex and Riley parted so peacefully. He needs a break from the Hollywood BS. How ironic. I am #4 made more money than Divergent to date yet they still slam Alex saying #4 was a bomb.

  2. I’m glad too that Alex and Riley parted very peacefully, I think it says a lot about what a nice guy Alex is. Although I thought they were cute together and still hold out hope they may get back together, as long as Alex is happy, that’s good enough for me. Because he certainly deserves it.

  3. I knew the girl with Alex was very familiar. Her name is Marloes Horst, she’s a v close friend of Sara and a model too.

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