Gosh they are so cute!!

Miss you more than you know ❤️ @marloeshorst

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14 thoughts on “Gosh they are so cute!!

  1. I love how in love they are! And he is wearing glasses. I love him even more.
    I won first and second place at my horse show today. It was amazing. I love my horse.

  2. i absolutely love their relationship and the caption he put was so cute i am hoping each and every day that this is the one he can settle down with ugh so great to see him really actually truelly happy

  3. The people commenting on his insta are so bad…..lol ive never seen the gun emoticon used that much. Why dont they want Alex happy?

  4. The comments are awful. Like you all say – a true fan would be happy. On other sites people called them gross and ugly! I love how some say oh anyone could shebe model she is ugly. Funny, I bet the last thing Alex thinks about is that Marloes is a big time model. They are just in love with each other as people. Alex has never been so happy and now open and willing to share his personal life with his fans.

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