Sleepy Alex – LOL

Perfect mornings @a1pettyfer #pip 😍

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11 thoughts on “Sleepy Alex – LOL

  1. she adores and loves alex just like alex does with her and thats cute and great to see and pip is adorable its great to see that pip has taken to alex

    • i know i do too and it sounds like in the background theres another dutch there so maybe hes meeting some of her family today and one of her siblings has kids and their going through their kids book

      • I’m the Dutch one here and I don’t understand what they are saying. I’ll listen again so I can translate it for you guys. 🙂

      • Looks like the people are talking with an accent I don’t understand. But the male says “It’s a fun book” then the female voice says something like. “It’s definitely is a fun book, only a little bit scary”.

      • I actually thought that was the tv talking in the backgroundXD. But thanks Darlene for translating 🙂

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