Alex and Marloes new home or…..

Alex is being his typical joking self. He does have money and his parents are loaded and Marloes makes tons…. Hate taking about money but I wish the best for Alex and Marloes.


8 thoughts on “Alex and Marloes new home or…..

  1. You beat me to posting this and idk if he’s joking or not I believe he’s telling the truth and I don’t know why but I hope that this will be his and marloes new place but where is this

  2. nope. that’s not his house. the same picture was posted on instagram @beautifulhomesss and the picture is dated (42 weeks ago). so yes he’s being his joking self. 🙂

  3. Hahaha i know he is wealthy, but i dont know if he is joking lol. This photo looks unreal……but then i dont have this kind of money haha.

  4. Well, his parents are super wealthy.Not is natural father Richard but his mom and Michael Ireland. Alex lived in 2 mil rental with Diana Agron until their breakup.
    Marloes is super successful and so is Alex so ….. not a fan of LA McMansions but that is what is out there. I like city shabby chic and country roll up sleeves and get dirty.

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