Yay more photos!!

And yay he doesn’t have a mustache! Hahaha. And he is smiling 🙂

(Lol at Alex and JamesXD)



5 thoughts on “Yay more photos!!

  1. He looks so different without facial hair! I got so used to the beard – lol.
    The pics with James, what are they doing! XD

    • I know same here haha. The beard got transferred to James. I have no idea what they are doing! Dont know if it was meant for the paps or theyre just fooling aroundXD

      • Lol the beard got transferred to James indeed lol!
        Think it was meant for the paps, the way he’s looking in the camera. XD

  2. (a. i absolutely love the relationship alex has with marloes and his family its like shes becoming part of it in some ways (b. i think its so cute they way there holding hands (c. everytime i see girls wearing the dress that marloes is wearing i always think there pregnant just because of the way there stomach is shaped i could never wear it as great as she does (d. yeah james is looking great with the beard and i love him and alex’s relationship there so hilarious

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