Riley Keough about Alex

Recently Riley did an interview and they asked her about Alex.

For a couple of years she and her very hot actor Alex Pettyfer continue to pick and leave. At what stage are you?
Riley: “We broke up.”

You jealous?
Riley: “I’m not jealous, if there is nothing to be jealous. Alex and I were friends.”


9 thoughts on “Riley Keough about Alex

    • Neither did I. I thought the whole interview was a bit strange. The questions they asked her didn’t really make any sense, they didn’t ask her stuff I didn’t know already. XD

    • Yeah i noticed that too. Maybe she saw pics of Alex and Marloes….that she unfollowed? She follows Alex’s rest of the fam though.

      • She’s following him with her private account, since he made it. And she’s still following it.
        So I guess she didn’t got jealous. Otherwise she would have unfollowed him ages ago.

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