i love this quote

Oscar Wilde

A post shared by Alex Pettyfer (@alexpettyfer) on

oscar wilde p.s. such a true statement




8 thoughts on “i love this quote

  1. Very true.

    Lol at the prank posts though XD . John is probably wondering why he is getting random calls and texts. Alex is so funny!

      • Yeah haha. The first one he posted a photo of john and told everyone to prank call him lol. And then he deleted it afterwards. The second one he posted a quote saying something like “it costs nothing to dream” i couldn’t remember the whole quote, but the idea of it was to follow your dreams. Alex captioned it with “second and last prank” and told everyone to text John that quote. It actually didnt seem like a prank cos Alex was asking everyone to send John the motivational quote XD (it is actually pretty sweet haha) then he deleted it too.

      • I remember the first one. Think i didn’t see the 2nd time then.
        Why is he always uploading and then deleting his pics. Just like when he posted pics of his friends and deleted an hour later.

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