What is up with people who have nothing nice to say

I see too many comment Alex looks old, ugly, drugged out…etc. Do they need glasses or their head examined. I’d like to see what they look like. I just don’t understand the need to say things like that. If he is so ugly I guess Marloes does not care – lol.


3 thoughts on “What is up with people who have nothing nice to say

  1. it makes me so mad obviously he has something that marloes sees in him that makes him in her eyes special and yeah so he smokes but he doesnt do drugs or drink (actually i dont know if he drank alcahol on his birthday or not doesnt matter) but it shouldnt matter thats what makes me hate the internet people who like to just sit there and be mean to get out of their own pathetic lives just leave him alone and shut up

  2. A lot of the people dont follow Alex like we do, so they still expect Alex to look like the guy from Wild Child. i think Alex looks great! He looks happy and healthy. They should look up people who actually do drugs cos thats not how they look like lol.

  3. I agree – he gets papped enough to make him a mainstream celeb…but he has moved on from Wild Child and too many people cant see he is not a teenager.

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