momma horst and daddy pettyfer

Missed you! ❤️🐶 #frankie

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Missed you! ❤️🐶 #frankie




3 thoughts on “momma horst and daddy pettyfer

  1. The most happy beautiful little family!!! I have never seen Alex to happy. I a personal note. I kissed major butt at my horse show today. I was third in the jumpers and 2nd in a $1000 Hunter Derby. My pony was a super star. I love her so much and I am so lucky to have her.

    • My screen got cut off at first and I read your message as “i kissed a major butt”… like “whaaat!” Hahaha oh dear i had to refresh lol. Aaaaw Congrats, Karen!! 😀 you are both so lucky!

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