Magic Mike XXL

So okay they started filming a few days ago (30 aug). Some sites say Alex is involved others don’t even mention him.
When you go to Alex’ imdb page and the Magic Mike XXL you’ll see his name (rumoured). Same goes for Matt Bomer.


11 thoughts on “Magic Mike XXL

  1. Lol i was just about to ask u guys about Magic Mike. Yeah i noticed different sites say different things. We will wait for photos 🙂

  2. Thank you for all the info! That´s very good news – I´m soooooooo happy!!! 🙂
    I was so worried with all the negative news (which were – once again – wrong).
    Why do people make up such mean “news” about Alex? What has he done to them?

  3. IMDB is not a real good source for the most current casting news. Also, if you do look at IMDB there is barely the original cast and most are labeled rumored and Matthew off all together. There is one spam gossip site that continues to post the same Channing hates Alex nonsense. I have to assume Alex is in this movie. Also – Hi Chris!

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