Im worried

so the official cast list and synopsis came out for magic mike xxl today and alex isn’t part of that list according to comingsoon but when there reporting Michael strahan joining the cast today the Hollywood repoter and variety say otherwise and those are the only two websites I trust when it comes to casting and plus alex is going to the gym so its gotta be for something


19 thoughts on “Im worried

    • im hoping hes still in the cast there are severel websites like examiner saying that hes gonna be in it and plus hes losing weight so it has to be for a movie although he was spotted in vegas this weekend with miles while the cast was in savannah so I don’t know what to think

  1. At this point it seems Alex is in……but I am so tired of this casting rumor drama that I don’t care one way or another. I just want him to be happy and I want him and Marloes to be a great couple.

    • I also think he is in. The only site that seems to keep saying he is not in it is that kpop starz site.

      Same here, Karen :). (I want more photos of him and Marloes haha)

      • and warner bros released an official cast release and hes not in it and I hate to say this but I don’t think he is although im hoping hell come in for a minor role

      • This is so confusing. That is the only thing I dont like about Alex’s rep is that they never confirm or deny things. You know how they confirmed that Matthew isn’t going to be in it. I wish they’ll just confirm.

  2. I agree – I wish his reps would respond. They never say anything and rumors stick with him – like the Diana debacle. If he is not in MM2 then where is the plot going?

    • My thing is why would Alex be exercising unless he’s doing it for marloes and as we saw from marloes and Alex’s instagrams she loved it so he has to be doing it for a movie ugh I wish that someone for Alex’s camp would say something this is so annoying

  3. I’m guessing this is a no but is the actress who played alex’s sister in the movie, cody horn, returning? just wondering who all is coming back, i wish we’d know for sure whether or not alex will be in it.

    • I don’t think she is in it. I’m not sure, but there hadn’t been any news of the other actresses that were in the first one, so I’d assume she’s not in this one. The ones who are confirmed are the new casts and matt bomer, joe, and channing.

      • I read somerwhere, she won´t be in (which is not too bad since I think she is an awful actress). But I don´t understand, why Alex won´t be returning. What happened there? Didn´t he like the script – or did they (Channing) not want him in the movie?
        The whole sequel makes no sense: No Dallas in it (who was the owner of the company), Channing back (who left the group), new actors in who aren´t that attractive (at least to me)… I don´t know.
        I wish Alex would say something (thought he wanted to reprise his role).
        Where is he going from here… I´m so sad… 😦
        Please excuse my bad English. 😉

      • I dont know why he didn’t take the role. Or either maybe his character doesn’t have a role in the new script? U know how in the first one Adam kind of took over, so maybe he is not part of the roadtrip? I don’t know maybe he will do a caneo. And your English is fine by the way 🙂

  4. I can’t see where this movie is going without Alex’s character. In the meanwhile he and Miles seem to be having a lot of fun.

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