Oh, God, no.

You may have heard that Constantin Films has decided that instead of making a sequel to the flop Mortal Instruments movie, they are going to start over and do a TV series. There are already rumors and petitions to get Alex as Jace. It never occurs to anyone that Alex may not want to be Jace. I don’t know how anyone else feels about it, but my first and only response was “Hell to the no.”


7 thoughts on “Oh, God, no.

  1. The movie was unwatchable. Everyone wanted Alex as Jace and were so disappointed at the casting of JCB. I highly doubt he would touch is project with a 10 foot pole. Getting tired of the MM2 rumours. I have lost interest in this project already. I am going to watch Alex on the trampoline now. LOL.

    Back to TMI. I really liked the first 2 books. Had they been done right it would have been excellent. I tried to watch it twice and either fell asleep or went to wash dishes LOL.

  2. LOL love that. I think the problem or lack of a better word – is Alex really would have been the “perfect Jace”; But it has been a while and Alex is a man – after doing movies like Magic Mike and the Butler – there is no way he is going back to anything YA. But the Mortal Instruments fans are frustrated because the casting was really poor and hence the movie was not very good. A bad script did not help.

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