im afraid for marloes

Everyone knows about this diamond nahjar guy who calls himself crazy pace king god I am getting so sick and tired of dealing with this guy I checked his Facebook last night and it is the most psychotic thing ever and plus he calls himself marloes husband and the comments and emojis he is posting is insane I would love it if somebody from marloes’ team would do something about it and I can only imagine how alex feels about this whole problem 😑 😠


8 thoughts on “im afraid for marloes

  1. Seriously when i saw his facebook, i wasn’t able to sleep. It was the most disturbing thing ive seen. How could u find pleasure in killing people. This guy is mental. This is different from a typical fan. Ive been reporting and reporting and nothing is happening. He kept coming back. I dont know if this person just needed attention or what. I noticed when people tells him off….he just laughs about it ugghh. Marloes hasn’t viewed my message at all. I dont understand why she wont block him…….i hope the police can track him. But how?

      • I just realized u can actually do a written report on instagram. On your settings if u click “report a problem” then “spam and abuse” then click “abuse and spam”…..then below it has “send us a report”…..i think fb has one too……but i ended up blocking him… i cant see him anymore :/

  2. The whole thing is very worrying. His fb terrified me.
    I’m in contact with the fan of Marloes. We thinking what to do all the time.
    He has 4 Instagram account and a few fb. Unfortunately Instagram doesn’t respond to the notification! I think Najjar is a reason why Alex and Marloes adds so little pics on Instagram..

    • I sent a really long report to instagram telling them everything and they emailed me back saying…,.they cant review my report unless i send links/urls. This is so dumb…..i already gave all the info uggh 😞 im so tired of this

      • That’s what makes me mad about Instagram theyd rather take down instagram profiles that haven’t been reported instead of helping out people who are reporting people like him and they won’t do anything πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜•

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