Five Hottest

Here’s a weird little list of the “Five Hottest Stars Under 25.”  Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Emma Watson, Harry Styles, and Alex.,manual

They ask you to check out Alex in a Ralph Lauren campaign, but the photo is from a Burberry campaign. Go figure.


Elvis Nixon set pics

Yay! Finally Alex posted set photos

Just shooting a scene…. Elvis/Nixon !!! Dream to be a director one day 🙂

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Bringing the 70s back 🙂 #elvis/Nixon

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Ugh that creep just won’t stop…….

I already reported him to instagram multiple times, but i dont know why he is still there?! I even sent that report, but it doesn’t look like instagram has deleted the content. So frustrated. Marloes should delete his comments. He creeps me out.

Marloes’ babe

It is funny how we ask alex to shave and he shaves….but grows a mustache. Then he shaves again, but grows a sideburn. Now he got a sideburn beard…..a sidebeard? Haha

My babe

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(On a side note: With the stuff happening right now with all the shootings, killings, planes disappearing…..i just wish everyone to be safe always! I should stop reading the news…..making me depressed)