Yay! A new film!

What do you guys think? OMG THAT WIG hahahaha lol! I love it! Ohhhhh thats why he had been sporting sideburns lately ohhhh. I wonder what the Presleys would think of this haha.


The two Gerry's….. An honor to call this man my friend !!! Elvis/Nixon movie

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23 thoughts on “Yay! A new film!

    • Hi Chris!! I have to agree.
      Yeah it is funny i was just talking to Darlene yesterday about Alex in a new movie and here it is! Im excited for this.

      Aaaaw he deleted the photo of him wearing a wig with bangs and sideburns 😕 he probably wasnt allowed to show.

  1. I am really excited Alex is part of this type of project. Great story, great cast and crew. The perfect project for him. I remember he grew a beard for the Butler so he could cut side burns. I bet they will have fun on set.

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