Magic Mike XXL trailer

I know it’s not Alex related. But Ellen posted the MM XXL trailer on her website. Channing’s moves though!


13 thoughts on “Magic Mike XXL trailer

  1. Did you saw tweets? A lot of people asking about Alex.. I think it’ll be worse version of MM but I still think it’s weird we don’t have official information about Alex’s part in the movie. Still some pages says about Alex’s participation in the film. Matthew’s also.

    • I know! The weird thing is. They use old pics as promotion. I was browsing through their facebook page and every time they have newsy about the movie they use pics from MM1 but cut Alex off..

      • Who knows what the real reason is. I am not crazy about the tone (forgive the pun) of MM2. MM1 was a sharp, smart slice of life movie – where the stripping was in the background. Either way – true or not true – if Channing and Alex did not get along – it has not effected either actor in getting new parts. Very enthusiastic about Alex’s new movie. I agree with Chris – this is the type of project he should be doing.

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