This is so cool!

From the Elvis Nixon set. He worked with Alex and Michael Shannon. Is he supposed to be Elvis too?

Oh and more cast added….includes Ashley Benson, Poppy Delevigne and Dylan Penn

Oh and here is a first look of Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon as Elvis and Nixon šŸ™‚ (oh it is a comedy! Im excited)


12 thoughts on “This is so cool!

    • I did use that link u gave before and wrote websta a message about it regarding that guy. And i already sent instagram a really long message with links and details twice. And lately ive been reporting all his comments as spam and abuse. And then i direct messaged marloes which hasnt been viewed. But i was reading instagrams terms…..apparently theyre not obligated to delete an account…..and they cant interfere with disputes…….unless maybe the person is impersonating someone or maybe using other peoples pictures. Im so annoyed with this creep. He wont go away. I did everything i could :(. Maybe we can ask the rest of us to do the same and messaged insta and websta?

      • Yes I sent so many mails but it’s in vain.. I reported his accounts and comments a thousands times.. we thought that post on Websta supported by people can be good idea. They write back to us a few times. They answered us a couple of times so we can be sure that they see our posts.

    • Can Gosia be able to direct message Marloes on twitter about this weirdo? She hasnt read my dm on insta…..but maybe on twitter perhaps?

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