Alex and Frankie

I love this photo Marloes posted.

 Ugggh that diamond creep is at it again 😒


7 thoughts on “Alex and Frankie

    • Oh yeah I saw this on google awhile ago…..i dont buy it. Cara Delevinge is in it and justin bieber….just put everyone in it haha. I think shes also in the news at the moment cos Calvin Harris (her ex) is dating Taylor Swift.

  1. Rita Ora’s dating history includes some high-profile relationships throughout her career. She also became the topic of several dating rumors.
    On the other hand, the “Black Widow” singer was also subjected to some intense drama from the guys that she previously dated. These include “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” star Rob Kardashian’s public accusation of her alleged cheating during their relationship. She supposedly slept with 20 guys to “start her career” and Media Takeout subsequently published a list of the said men, which includes Alex Pettyfer and Drake.

    Read more:

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