Mens health magazine 2012

more photos from the mens health photoshoot Alex did in 2012 🙂 

(I want Alex to do more photoshoots like these haha)



32 thoughts on “Mens health magazine 2012

  1. ELVIS & NIXON – Director: Liza Johnson. Cast: Michael Shannon, Kevin Spacey, Johnny Knoxville, Emma Roberts. The time when Elvis Presley asked Richard Nixon if he could become undercover FBI agent. CAA, Bloom and Cassian Elwes selling.

    Emma Roberts?? LOLOL

      • Oh darn i think Brett might have removed the link/video. :/ it was on the periscope app. I dont know how to save videos….i just have a screenshot.
        It was a very short video of Alex haha. Bret is holding the cam….just goes around alex sitting on the couch and the other guy asks him if he does meditation and alex said yes. And the other guy said “this is bret’s version of meditation. The creepier the better” *bret continues to take a video of alex sitting on the couch* haha. Alex just laughs and asks what is it for? And Bret says it is for periscope. And alex says “can we talk business” and then bret says in a low voice “we can. We are going to do business” Lol.
        Maybe it is for a script theyre working on..dont know.

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