Magic Mike XXL

Certified “Rotten” at Rotten Tomatoes, currently at 58% and dropping. Meanwhile, Alex says he has big news for us soon.  What could it be?


13 thoughts on “Magic Mike XXL

  1. And did not do well at the box office. So sick of MMXXL and Channing Tatum mom sense. Remind Mr. Wonderful CT about his bomb Jupiter Ascending.

  2. The first Magic Mike was excellent because it was a story about people first – the stripping was not even the focus. So the second one is just a silly way to make money.

  3. I keep reading how MM2 had a low budget of 14 million so the movie will make money. They did not factor the huge marketing budget. There are non stop TV commercials. The first MM had not one pick of marketing.

  4. MM2 was presented with such stupid arrogance. The movie world touting CT as the king of Hollywood. The alleged feud with Alex, to me, only makes CT seem immature and again -arrogant. Well, this all backfired and now I see lots and lots of back peddling. This is two low earning films for CT. With that – MM2 – please go away.

  5. There is actually no evidence that Alex and Channing had any kind of feud. The only report of that happening comes from US Magazine, which is actually pretty famous for making things up. All the other reports come from sources that are simply repeating the US Magazine piece word for word.

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