So as we all figured he’s working on a movie. I wonder what though. 

I love this pic of him and Frankie so cute!


8 thoughts on “#beardisforamoviesorrymum

  1. His new projects always come out of left field – Like Elvis & Nixon. I can’t wait to find out. BTW – watched Magic Mike yesterday. So far superior to MM2 – which has all but disappeared.

  2. Let’s play guess what role or movie is Alex going to be in haha
    Beard equals to……
    A.) films set in the past (like elvis and nixon and the butler)
    B.) motorcycle gang haha
    C.) dwarf in the Hobbit
    D.) a hipster

    I should have guessed at least one right. Hahaha

  3. The Forbes Entertainment reporters comment on Channing dropping out of Gambit
    Scott Mendelson ‏@ScottMendelson 9h9 hours ago

    Breaking: Jai Courtney, Alex Pettyfer, and Garrett Hedlund are currently practicing their speed shuffling and Cajun accents…
    9 retweets 14 favorites

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