So quiet lately…

how’s everyone doing? 🙂


14 thoughts on “So quiet lately…

  1. Did you see Bret Easton Ellis’ Periscope of Alex at CAA? Something is happening.

    Also- did you see that they have announced yet another cast for Overdrive? Remember that one? It was four years ago

    • Yeah I saw that! Did he change agency or what? Is he still managed by Thor?
      Oh Overdrive. i forgot about that already. So they cast Scott Eastwood. I hope Alex would have something soon.
      Ok what happened with Elvis and Nixon?

  2. Alex’s instagram in the car was hilarious! I think Alex goes for quality not quantity. He like to attach himself to good projects. Looking forward to Elvis & Nixon. I would rather have him do this kind of movie than a comic book adaptation. In the meanwhile – he seems to be really enjoying himself.

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