Alex’s new film

Lol I just posted how we still dont have any info on Alex’s new film. But finally here is some info on it. Im excited about this. I do like it when Alex is part of a historical film.
Now we know about the film. Hopefully they will clear something on the engagement. Whether true or not…..but I have a feeling theyre together right now. And even when Alex was in Amsterdam…..I just dont understand why theyre not posting anything about it. 😕 Ever since their breakup….it was very confusing. Maybe they wanted privacy.


7 thoughts on “Alex’s new film

  1. Oh God I’m so happy for the movie! It’s very important for Polish society and it’s an important part of our history. Couldn’t be more happy 😀
    And I think he’s with Marloes, you’re right.. but they’re sooo private..

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